Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fancier format, same old me

Yesterday I posted something silly on facebook. Expecting ten, maybe fifteen people to respond, I wrote a short message saying I'd be sending outreach updates via email when I leave the country next week. It's been less than twenty-four hours, and I've already gotten nearly sixty requests to be on that update list. I didn't know there were actually sixty people on my facebook that even read my status updates, yet that's how many want to read spam about my life. You all realize Brian's not going to be with me this time, right?

Although I'll be fasting from facebook while I'm overseas, I'm still completely welcome to share my stories with the masses. When I left for DTS, I started a new blog with the intentions of posting things I'm learning here, but this season of my life turned out to be deeply personal and not quite blog-worthy. I had posted a handful of things on there back in August, but that blog's been dormant longer than this one. I decided that since many of you are already following this one, it would be easier just to revive it from the depths of your google reader than to create something new.

A few changes:
- I'm not going to write the country I'm going to in any of my posts. While we're not defying any government authorities, we're technically going as tourists, and it's wiser to simply not mention any specifics.
- We'll be starting our trip with six weeks in a small village in the north, followed by six weeks in a major city in the south. I'm working on code names. Santa's Workshop and the Concrete Jungle are currently in the lead, but I may come up with something better.
- I can't promise how frequently I'll be writing. Let me say that again: I can't promise how frequently I'll be writing. We're required to write weekly updates, but we may not have access to interwebs every week to send them out. If I'm MIA for a few weeks, I'm not dead and I'm not in jail. I'm just too busy hanging out with orphans to search for an internet cafe.
- Remember, I won't be checking facebook for three months. This blog is still linked there, so feel free to comment on posts there as well as here. However, if you ask a question there, I can't answer until March. I'm not ignoring you; well, I guess in a way I am. But I'm ignoring everyone, so don't feel bad.

So here we are, three months after the close of my Korea chapter, starting a new adventure overseas. This one will be shorter (only three months), be more hectic (fifteen other people are going with me), and smell more like curry than kimchi. Are you ready?