Thursday, February 10, 2011

A lesson in romance

It has recently been brought to my attention that I haven't posted on here in two weeks. Considering the fact that I used to post almost daily, this is quite a crime! I'm going to blame it on the fact that as the days roll on, things feel more normal. I can read Korean pretty fast now, so I'm not confused by much, and I've seen so many weird blue soaps that they (almost) don't make me laugh anymore. I know that sounds kind of depressing, but I promise it's not. I like that I'm comfortable here, and I like that life isn't really all that overwhelming anymore.

On top of that, I went on a really stellar trip last week with my friends Angie and Bonnie. We headed down to the opposite end of the country (a whopping 5 hour train ride away) and explored the far end of the Korean Peninsula. Although there were no sexy Australians requesting my hand in marriage, I did get a boyfriend, and I was followed around an aquarium by some camera-happy creepsters. Okay, so I have some funny stories I could tell. I'll get on that.

Today I'm still at work (obviously earning my paycheck by writing things online), so I'm going to save the Grand Busan Adventure for... next time I'm not super busy? Before I leave. Promise. Anyway, you're getting a short post today, but hopefully it'll make you chuckle. If not, you're dead inside.

I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but as a kindergarten teacher, I have an obligation to promote the crap out of Hallmark's "make everyone who's single feel even lonelier" day. Yesterday, we read a cutesy little Valentine story and made cards, and today I asked them to write a journal entry about what they would do to make their Valentine feel special. This one was by far my favorite, and I bet you'll be able to guess why.

I think Valentine feel like a girl's day. Valentine day feel special because we have chocolete party. And, we eat the chocolets. Girls feel very special because the boys gave girls a presents. And, the boys can give some money. Then the girls say, "Thank you!"

Did you read that, guys? You have to give girls a presents. And money. You can send it to my PayPal account if that's most convenient for you.

After journal time, I decided to put these "gifted" kids to the test and get them to write romantic poetry. We read a few poems I found online, and I told them to come up with a list of rhyming words to start them out. Then I let them loose. Keep in mind, my kids are about six. When I was six, I probably still ate glue. Take that, American education system.

Here are some of the best and brightest, spelling errors and all:

Japan is like the Papan.

hair is a tair
nice is nikki
it is fun
and it is mikki

I fold a paper.
and it is fun
my favorite
friend is Sun

Angels are beutifull
they have wings
there mission is
get the beutifulest ring

Eat the tomato
In the Toronto
then eat potato
more photos for you.

It is a night
insects are afraid of the bat.
then there is "quik, quik" sound
It was time for dinner for rat

The boy sleeped.
he had a dream and he dreamed about bed.
the knight fought with the bad dragon.
that moment, the children are learning about red.

I don't know about you, but if a guy presented me with any one of these poems, I'd be one smitten kitten.

Little cultural side note: in Korea, Valentine's Day is for girls to give presents to guys. A month later - a full month! - the guys reciprocate on "White Day." Therefore, if guys have any lick of sense, they'll all take their presents (money?) and bolt before March 14th. I've heard there's also a "Black Day" to celebrate desperation and sadness. Korea's all about the fun when it comes to romance.

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  1. I have a song for you,

    Last V day,
    I gave you my card.
    The very next month,
    You gave me some cash.
    This year,
    To save me from tears,
    I’ll only celebrate on Black Day.


    Once you go Black Day…