Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Something pretty cool

So I know some of you got to this blog thanks to the link on Relevant's website (if so, WELCOME!), and you're probably wondering why the first post you see is linking you right back to their website. Well, folks, I have to get my family to read the article somehow! Scroll down; you'll find something else fun to read :)

Mom! Dad! I'm PUBLISHED!


  1. I'm one of those people who found your blog through your Relevant article. I just wanted to say thanks for writing it! I think you're spot on, and appreciate the honesty and authenticity with which you share yourself - in the article and on your blog. Being vulnerable like that is example setting for the big C-church and, in my opinion, advocates for the development of real community. Well done!

  2. Amber - thanks for reading! And I'm so honored that you linked to me in the same section on your blog where you linked Donald Miller! Wow! :)