Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's Sunday night, which means I'm patiently waiting for Mommy and Daddy to come online so we can have our weekly chat. I spent the whole day with my really great friends, going to church, getting lunch then ice cream, noraebang-ing, and (unsuccessfully) shoe shopping at Express Bus Terminal. Despite all of that, and for reasons I can't quite put my finger on, I'm feeling inexplicably lonely right now. I've been feeling off all week, like I'm a shadow watching my life go on but not actively participating. It's an unsettling and depressing feeling.

Thus I'm writing a blog post with a funny video I've been saving for a while in hopes that people will like the video and, by association, like me more because of it. Could you indulge my shamefully low self-esteem and comment on this post? I'd really appreciate it. Here's a possibly possessed child for your troubles.


  1. Even shadows leave an impression and influence on minds. You are doing GOOD things.

    My day and emotions have run in a similar vein to yours, it would appear. Thank God for munchkins whose lives we are called to influence for however long we're here. They remind me of my purpose daily....both when they're assuring me they love me or trying to drive me insane. It's amazing how far Five Little Monkeys can go in teaching English and making their lives more fun....

  2. Don't give in to the inexplicable ebb and flow of emotions! They're tricksy...
    Hope speaking with your family helped. If not, try doing some housework. Otherwise, remember you're loved on high and down here too.
    Go get some sleep and wait for the cherry blossoms and warmth to brighten things up~

  3. I like that video, but I like you more. Let's skype soon, pleeeease? I don't care if I have to wake up at the crack of dawn or something, there MUST be a time... Having trouble processing the fact that I haven't really talked to you in a MONTH, and you wonder why we're both lonely...

  4. nikki, i told you when you're lonely in korea think about the times in college when you'd tell me to take out all the things from your pants that you stole from my room and put in your pants. Or the tv remote you put in your pants.