Sunday, May 22, 2011

The cheesiest post I've ever written

I want to write a blog post tonight, I really do. I just went through all my pictures to decide what story I would tell tonight, what event I would relive in words so everyone could have their standard glimpse into my life. As I looked at the pictures, I realized I couldn't pick just one event. I don't have any words to explain it, but I'm just really joyful right now. Today I went to church, went to a picnic at the park, played frisbee with my friends, ate at my favorite restaurant, and crashed a game night at my old church. Just one of those things would have made for an extraordinary Sunday, and yet I had all of them today, back to back to back. It was one of those days that make all the rest of the days worth the hassle.

Anyway, so I went through all my pictures to choose something to post about, and I just can't narrow it down. You're getting a hodge-podge of pictures of all the ways I'm so incredibly blessed. Angie, I hope you're not trying to read this at work because pictures are all I've got today. Pictures and joy. (Dude, has anyone ever written anything lamer than that? Probably not.)

My two favorites. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to have favorites. 
But really, how could you not love these faces more than the rest? :)

Taesun still doesn't speak much English, 
but it's okay since most of our "lessons" consist of him just making me laugh by doing this.

There's a face you all know and love. 
Not mine, the little Asian one.

At least her answer's in English, right?

These people make me never want to leave Korea.

Ke$ha totally should have thought of doing this with a ukelele. It's a thousand times more awesome.

All in all, I've been kind of wondering lately why in the world I would choose to leave such a place in three months. Korea is full of wonderful people who love me and whom I love desperately in return. I may have cried when I left America, but someone's going to have to drag me on the plane kicking and screaming when I leave Korea.


  1. Thankfully, I caught this one on a Sunday morning, which means I'm on my laptop. :) Pictures! SOOO GLAD you are feeling so joyful! I miss your face, so soooso dearly... ♥

    p.s. I vote stay, BUT, only keeping in mind that winter can be a little bitter in Seoul and another year will put you through the same cycle it already has. Springtime in Seoul, though.. I regret not having a second shot at that one.. keep enjoying the beauty, friend! xo

  2. I just heard the voice...the voice that I can't do with little kids. You did it so well. I'm impressed high school teacher! Try that one out on some 16 year olds in ohio next year ;)