Saturday, May 28, 2011

Slaver seems to drip

Last night, I spent the night in Ilsan with my lovely friend Marlene. Ilsan is outside of Seoul, which means there are some patches of not-concrete here and there. Marlene lives close to a particularly lovely lake, and we had plans to have a picnic at said lake this afternoon.

In order to prepare for our picnic, we needed to make picnic foods. My parents have never packed more than a bucket of KFC in preparation for a picnic endeavor, but since we're in Korea, Marlene and I decided to be Korean and make kimbap.

Remember kimbap? Of course you do. It makes you sing this song:

My, those girls have some pretty hair.

Anyway, now that I've got that stuck in your head (you're welcome!), back to the story. 

Marlene had already made all the ingredients we needed when I arrived, so all we had to do was put the pieces together. 

Kimbap pieces.

Marlene is married to a Korean guy, so she's had a teensy bit of experience with kimbap. She made the first one, then I got to try.

Since we're chatty and both have some severe ADHD problems, it took us about two hours to make six rolls of kimbap. However, for two white girls, I'd say we did a pretty good job.

I'm totally packing kimbap in my kids' lunches. I know they'll probably get mercilessly mocked by the "normal" kids who have pb&j, but come on. Kimbap is cool.

You're probably wondering about the title of this blog post. While Marlene and I were working, we were also talking to a friend of hers in Japan on gmail. He'd type us a sentence in Japanese then use our best friend google translate to (somewhat) make it English. When we told him we were making kimbap, he sent us "slaver seems to drip," which we think means something along the lines of "my mouth is watering."

That's right; I just wrote an entire blog post just so I could use a funny sentence generated on google translate as my title. Well, that and so I could remind you of how great Mmmbop is. Did you know that song was nominated for not one, but two Grammys? Check it out. I'm so glad music has improved since 1998.

Oh wait...


  1. lol i've never heard that friday' much better..than Mmmmbop...NOT :)


  2. Im gonna be living very close to where you were this weekend! In fact, Im surprised we didnt bump into each other...