Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What exactly are you trying to sell me?

I've become far too accustomed to life here. My roommate when I lived in Cincinnati, Katie, is currently in Taiwan with her boy, and she's sent me the most precious things about how funny the locals are there. As I read about her adventures, I realized that I see those things every day; I've just forgotten to be amused by them. With only two months to go in Asia, I'm going to try to rectify that a little bit.

Everywhere I go, there are advertisements. That's not unexpected; I live in a huge city and people gots to make the monies. Unfortunately, as someone who doesn't understand Korean and isn't familiar with every Korean product, I sometimes have a really hard time figuring out what, exactly, the poster is trying to sell me. And thus, we get the aptly titled game, "What exactly are you trying to sell me?"

I'm going to show you a handful of ads, and you're going to tell me what you think they are trying to sell. If no one plays, I'm not posting the answers, and I'll feel awfully rejected - you don't want that, do you? Good. Let's begin.

Poster 1:

Poster 2:

Poster 3:

Poster 4:

Poster 5:

Poster 6:

Poster 7:

Marlene, you're not allowed to ask for Augustine's help. Happy guessing, everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing your answers!


  1. Loved the shout out, Nikki! Every time I post Taiwanese things on Facebook, I know you're reading them from your more experienced eye in ROK. I'm so happy you only have 2 months left! (Is that bad to say?)

    My Guess for Poster #1: Money for Jewish people? :)

  2. #1 obvs a reliable money lending service

    #2 Instructional video for up and coming popular dance moves...learn them before they hit da clubs!

    #3 yangchunji.com...emasculating undergarments for those who want to minimize their masculine side

    #4 Diamond growth serum

    #5 Headphones that make you instantly hilarious

    #6 ....junk food? the healthy sandwich is sad because no one wants him anymore and the football is sad because no one exercises anymore?

    #7 Gas meds...he's holding in his fart but we know he's suffering because that balloon is clearly a metaphor for what could blow w/o those meds!

  3. #1 - Bus or Subway tokens
    #2 - Cell phones
    #3 - Vasectomies
    #4 - Jewelry growth hormone
    #5 - CDs by mailorder (for inmates)
    #6 - Fine dining (the picture of a lobster with a smily face is missing)
    #7 - How to succeed in a circus without even trying

  4. i totally missed this...sorry friend, but i just saw it and my guess is
    1. some kind of phone application
    2.add for tampons?
    3.a tv show i watch sometimes
    4.plastic surgery?
    5.dental clinic (that's what's written in the top right corner)
    6.do you want a small face?
    7.a children's book?