Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I got a job!

So I know that no one reads this because I haven't actually advertised it anywhere (well, I told Lolly about it. And she commented on my very first post, which validated my existence in precisely the codependent way it should have). But eventually I'll announce that I have this FABULOUS blog with FABULOUS posts that everyone should read, and I feel like it should include a few pre-Korea babblings. Also, I'm just procrastinating on getting my work done today.

Yesterday, I officially accepted a job in Seoul. It's finally on paper - I have to move to Korea or they'll come over here and brutally murder me. Wait, did I accidentally sign a contract in North Korea? Oh well, too late now.

Now, deciding to move to another country is terrifying. I only know three words, one of which is more flirtatious than I originally realized and will thus be used only in emergency situations (like when I want a free dinner). I'm not positive I'm pronouncing the part of town I'll be living in correctly, nor am I quite sure how to articulate the name of the currency. I've never once eaten Korean food; in fact, in a line-up of foods from Asian countries, I can confidently say I would be unable to select which is Korean. About two months ago, I didn't even know where Korea was on the globe. (That speaks volumes of America's embarrassing education system and is also a pretty humiliating fact about my lack of geographical knowledge). All this to say, I feel a lot like this girl:

Except, of course, she's going down a slide that will be over in ten seconds or less, and I have to live in Korea for a whole year. Still, I think the sentiment is pretty spot-on.


  1. I know about the blog! You will be great! Have faith in yourself and enjoy the adventure!!!!

  2. I didn't even have to bribe you to read it - you found the new post all on your own! I'm so happy! Now I can tell myself my blog is popular :)