Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Making friends

I have a lot of friends in Cincinnati - more than I have fingers on my left hand, to be exact. I'm pretty much always busy, and I really like it that way. I'm pretty extroverted, so being around people makes me all kinds of happy. I like my friends and they like me. It just works.

But it's hard to make friends. I have spent the last two years slowly building my social life from a weekly small group where half the girls didn't recognize me no matter how many times I showed up to a really complete social circle. My friends and I have a book club, we watch the Bachelorette/drink to the sappiness of the contestants, and plan all kinds of outrageous outings. I really feel like I could go to any of them with anything at all and they'd listen to me whine while pouring me wine - the mark of a best friend.

And now I'm moving to another country where I don't know a single soul (and I'll be in Seoul. hehe the joke never gets old). I'm still crossing my fingers that Ben shows up sometime while I'm there, but I can't count on it seeing as he doesn't hypnotize as easily as I had anticipated. In order to prepare for this, I decided I'd start looking for friends.

How does one look for friends on the other side of the world? Well, facebook, of course! South Korea is a big country, so I had to narrow the field a tad. First, I joined the group for the church I intend to become a part of. Not creepy at all. Then, I surfed through the other members of the group, and picked people who looked somewhat friendly. Slightly creepy. Finally, I sent those people messages, asking if they would please be my friend when I arrive in three weeks.

Thus far, I have received no responses...

Next week, I'll send out cookies. The following week (when I really start to get panicky), I'll wire them money. I know that's how my parents got me friends in middle school, and I really thought I had out-grown that, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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  1. Sending complete strangers a message on FB is in no way creepy :-) Let's call it "virtual networking" or some other term that makes it sound hip and trendy.