Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And we're crashing...

My emotions are always pretty roller coaster-like. I'm the kind of girl who will sob after seeing an animal narrowly escape being hit by a car, get mad at you for eating my ice cream, and do the chicken dance for no obvious reason, all within about ten minutes. My wonderful friend Kirsten and I have been working on figuring out which emotions are good and which are wasted, then not letting myself feel the wasted emotions. I'm getting better at it - I don't let myself feel guilty about things I didn't cause, and I'm practicing dealing with conflict head-on so that my anger won't simmer. Growth.

But one thing that is proving impossible to get a grip on is how I feel about this whole Korea business. If you were stalking yesterday, you saw that I was practically bouncing off the walls with excited anticipation of my adventure. Now today, a whole 24 hours later, I'm distraught. It's almost as if my hormones have decided to enact every known emoticon back to back. It's rather exhausting.

A few weeks back, my small group helped me create a list of things I can do when I'm bored in Korea. I have this theory that boredom is a choice, and while I do sometimes choose to be bored (sometimes I even schedule it into my day), I do not want to choose it every time. I've never lived overseas, but I'm predicting it will likely follow this equation: boredom + facebook stalking people I miss = depression. You see, the reason I'm sad today is because people I love very much wrote on my facebook wall and told me they'd miss me. If that was you, thanks! I'll miss you too! And, not to throw blame or anything, but you've seriously bummed me out. In order to work my way out of this leaving-everything-I've-ever-known funk, I've decided to share a few of the items off the "Anti-Boredom List:"

- Find doppelgangers of my friends (this may be limited to my Asian friends. all two of them.)
- See a show in Korean and make up the plot
- Buy dinner with the earnings from a street performance
- Get a coloring book and decorate an entire wall of my apartment
- Pretend to be a tour guide at a national monument
- Find a cute boy to buy me dinner
- Talk with varying regional accents
- Make a video tour of Seoul for my friends back home
- People watch and select theme songs for each person who walks by
- "Love is a Battlefield." Hairbrush.
- Take up sketching and try to sell my masterpieces

Be on the lookout for blog posts as I mark things off the list. And (I mean this in the NICEST way possible) stop telling me how much you'll miss me, k? It kind of makes me not want to go :( If you want to tell me you'll miss me, instead, share a fun fact about your favorite animal. That way, neither of us will tear up, and I'll learn something too! It's really a win-win all around.


  1. LOVE THAT LIST. Almost makes me want to move abroad.

    Take a picture of my doppelganger, please and thank you. And YouTube your street performance(s).

  2. my favorite animal is Preadle because she's the best.
    unless you want to call my chub-chub son an animal for the way he scarfs down his bottles and gets it all over his clothes. :D