Monday, August 9, 2010

I have a date!

On Saturday, I spent the afternoon with one of my favorite families, watching my favorite six-year-old test to get his yellow belt in tae kwon do. The Grand Master of the school (who is apparently a REALLY big deal) walked around the room, signing the kiddos' boards and making small talk. When he came around to us, my friend Wendy told him that I'm moving to Korea. The following conversation occurred:

Grand Master Kim: You're moving to Korea?
Me: Yes, in about two weeks.
GM Kim: Do you have paper?
Me: (in my head) Why the heck do I need paper?
Wendy: *hands GM Kim a notebook
GM Kim: I'll be arriving on August 23rd. You will call me on the 24th in the evening. I'll take you to coffee. *pats me on the cheek
Me: Oh thank you! That's very nice of you!
GM Kim: You're going to be trouble in Korea. I can already tell.

This is very easily going to be the most badass date of my life. I watched some people breaking concrete blocks on Saturday, and that was just to get their black belts. I can't imagine what Grand Master Kim had to break to become a "Grand Master". Probably a building. Or a person. This is gonna be AWESOME.

Also, if it's this easy to get a date in Korea, I don't think I'll ever have to pay for a meal. Rock on!

Also also, I'm gonna ask him to teach me how to do this:



  1. "You will call me on the 24th in the evening."
    The ol' Jedi mind trick works every time.
    Ha, I also like the pat on the cheek. I'm picturing two quick taps and a *boop* to the nose (not sure why you failed to mention the boop to the nose). Stick close to GM Kim. He will teach you the way of the warrior. Or at least the way to the laundromat.

  2. Just realized you might be referring to a different cheek than what I assumed.